Connected TV is currently one of the fastest growing channels in advertising — and it’s not surprising. As consumers turn their backs on traditional tv and flock to streaming services, Programmatic media buying and TV have merged to make room for Connected TV (CTV). As viewing habits change, so too must the advertisers’ approach. Connected TV ads provide a broadcast-quality ad experience, without the drawbacks of the ‘throw it against the wall and hope it sticks’ approach of traditional TV advertising. They are highly targeted, unskippable, and trackable.

CTV is one of the hottest topics right now, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. As I write this article, the entire world is stuck at home watching their Smart TV’s, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, gaming consoles, and Google Chromecast to name just a few.  They are all saying to each other: “why do we even pay for cable tv?”

To top things off….rates are rock bottom right now.
With the huge reduction in ad dollars, cpm rates are half of what they were in January, 2020. 
There probably hasn’t been a better time to start diversifying your ad strategy towards Connected TV.

Don’t get me wrong. Cable TV is HUGE. But it’s not as huge as it used to be….and it’s trending downwards.

Do you remember back in 2006-2010 when there was an abundance of mobile ad Inventory. Well, Facebook helped fill that gap and benefited greatly from it.
Fast forward 10-15 years and Connected TV is now is in the same boat. Through a simple internet connection, advertisers can now perform audience targeting on CTV, just as they do on mobile devices, desktops and tablets.

So how does CTV work anyway?


Just like audience and geotargeting occurs on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Smart TV advertising is no different. Smart TV’s are connected through an internet connection.

Through the Mobile Guest platform, our clients are able to reach their target audience on all devices. This provides brands with an omni-channel approach digital ad approach, without wasting ad dollars typically associated with a omni-channel ad campaign.

With a pre-determined reach and frequency set at the campaign level, advertisers are now able to:

  1. Maximize Reach
  2. Control User Ad Frequency
  3. Cut Wasted Ad Dollars

If someone views an ad on CTV, we are able to determine if that consumer initiates an action on their mobile device, desktop or tablet. This is real-time conversion data that is not available with traditional TV advertising.

If you are interested in learning more about Connected TV, and the benefits of how it can help your business, contact us.

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