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A lot of businesses are "running" search campaigns. But are they “nailing” it?

Our experienced search marketing team has been playing with search engines since 2001. That’s right, paid search existed in 2001.

A large majority of consumers will use search engines at some point in the buying process.

With a little keyword research, a budget, and some time, anyone can quickly setup a paid search campaign. We see it every day; businesses losing money with search engine advertising, and calling it quits. 90% of our current search clients already tried search advertising in-house or with another search agency, before switching to us.

We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you are not well positioned in the search engines, you are losing business.

Creating a search campaign that will generate a positive return on investment is what we do. Interested in a Free review of of your current search marketing initiatives? Contact us.