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Next generation WiFi marketing

Guest WiFi Solutions

Mobile Guest is a technology company offering the most advanced Wi-Fi marketing platform available. Combine IT and Marketing to re-engage with current customers and attract new customers with similar interests. We help our clients build relationships with their visitors and market to them based on their consumer behavior. Our technology enables our clients to target their audiences across all digital mediums and platforms, to create high impact ad campaigns with measurable ROI.


Guest Wi-Fi

Provide customers with a simple method of accessing your free guest wifi. Customized guest access via Social logins and email.  

Timed Marketing Messages

Integrate collected data with Email, Facebook, Instagram, Google and your CRM provider to send targeted ads based on customer frequency, recency, exact location, time of day and more.

Acquire New Customers

Use the collected customer data to engage with new customers who have similar interests, likes, behaviour, geographic location and other demographic traits. 

User Analytics

Gain true customer insights. All of the data collected can be viewed in real-time inside your Mobile Guest dashboard.

Presence Analytics

Take your customer data to the next level. View customer footfall, dwell times, frequency and more.

Fully Managed Service

We offer a Fully Managed Service and provide our clients with a dedicated account manager, campaign set-up, consulting and management.



Call us at - 709-330-9638